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Members of the African American Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio (AACCSA) become part of an extensive network of corporations and businesses and are able to engage with policy-makers and business leaders across the region. In addition to exposure to valuable marketing opportunities, members participate in programming that enables them to build a powerful network that helps their businesses grow.


$50 Per Year

For aspiring business owners who haven’t taken the next step to start their business but desire to learn from and network with existing business owners. (Non-Voting Member) – Learn The Steps To Starting A Business!

Starter Businesses

$75 Per Year

For entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, independent contractors, and single-member LLCs looking to make new connections and get ahead. (Business size: 1-5 employees)

Growing Businesses

$200 Per Year

For businesses with 6 to 25 employees that are looking for a network that will help them navigate the costs and complexities of San Antonio Metro and surrounding areas while making strategic decisions that will ensure their business is on the right path. (Business size: 6-25 employees)

Sustainable Businesses

$350 Per Year

For established companies with 26-50 employees looking to expand their footprint in San Antonio Metro and beyond. (Business size: 26-50 employees)

Corporate Members

$1000 Per Year

For large companies and corporations (with more than 50 employees) that want to align themselves with a powerful community of business leaders and entrepreneurs in order to increase their reach and influence.