August 2021


Black Business Month

Join us in supporting Black-owned organizations to promote greater economic freedom for the Black community here in San Antonio!

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What Is Black Business Month?

The month of August is National Black Business Month! During the month, we celebrate, recognize, and support black-owned businesses across the country. In 2004, Historian John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. founded Black Business Month to drive the policy agenda affecting the then 2.6 million black-owned businesses in the country.

According to BlackEnterprise, Jordan felt compelled to highlight and uplift Black business owners like himself after reflecting on the challenges he faced as a new business owner.

When Jordan began his firm in San Francisco in 1969 he struggled to get financing. And though today he’s the successful owner of F.E. Jordan Associates Inc., a company that’s done work around the world, he realizes the cards are still stacked against young Black entrepreneurs.

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How Can You Support?

The concept of Black Business Month is simple: support Black-owned businesses to promote greater economic freedom for the Black community. To that end, Jordan and Templeton have pushed to create a more hospitable environment for Black-owned businesses to grow by reaching out to:

Local government officials

Community leaders

Venture capitalists

Furthermore, you can support black-owned businesses by:

Shopping at Local Black-Owned Businesses
Using Black Business Directories
Partnering & Providing Helpful Resources

I’ve long said in order for there to be a strong America, there must be a strong Black America. In order for there to be a strong Black America, we need strong Black businesses.

In order to have strong Black businesses, we need strong Black Chambers of Commerce that are committed to growing and supporting Black enterprises. I encourage every Black American, Black business leader, and advocate across the board to work hand-in-hand with USBC to ensure that policymakers on both sides of the aisle know and understand the principles we’ve outlined.

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