December 2022


Black Businesses

Our Chamber works to elevate black-owned businesses in and around the San Antonio, Texas area. Join us in supporting Black-owned businesses to promote greater economic freedom for the Black community!

Staying Connected & Building Together!

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You can help support black-owned businesses simply through intention. However, there are many other ways to ensure black businesses thrive. Below are a list of ways you can support:

Contact Local Government Officials & Community Leaders:
Contact local government officials and community leaders to determine if there’s a game plan to support black businesses specifically.

Venture Capitalists or Angel Investors:
Know a venture capitalist or network of angel investors? Inform them that there’s ingenuity and long-term growth opportunities within the black community. Send them our way!

Furthermore, you can support black-owned businesses by:

Shopping at Local Black-Owned Businesses
Partnering & Providing Helpful Resources
Search Google for
"Black Owned Businesses"
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Video courtesy of the Black Video News Network – AACCSA Press Conference for Black Business Month

I’ve long said in order for there to be a strong America, there must be a strong Black America. In order for there to be a strong Black America, we need strong Black businesses.

In order to have strong Black businesses, we need strong Black Chambers of Commerce that are committed to growing and supporting Black enterprises. I encourage every Black American, Black business leader, and advocate across the board to work hand-in-hand with USBC to ensure that policymakers on both sides of the aisle know and understand the principles we’ve outlined.

Share the BLACKprint with your Members of Congress and elected officials today.

Ron Busby - President & CEO, US Black Chambers, Inc.

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